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8 Things We Love About Blaklader Workwear Trousers

And why you will too ...


Blåkläder is one of our rugged and tough workwear brands and they are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime seam guarantee on all of their products. Here's what we think of their trousers ...

If you're looking for a new pair of workwear trousers, then you'll love Blåkläder!

If you're looking for a new pair of workwear trousers, then you'll love Blåkläder!

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The great thing about their lifetime guarantee is that if a seam should break (and believe us, it doesn't happen very often), you are offered either an entirely new pair or Blåkläder will sew up the broken seam for you, free of charge.

"Of course, you have to take care of your trousers and the seams shouldn't be cut, torn or worn out due to usage!"

So that should give you the confidence you need to choose Blåkläder workwear trousers and you can be sure that at Rugged & Tough, we test everything ourselves before we stock it!

So what do we like about Blåkläder trousers?

  • Triple stitched seams - there are up to 1,000 meters of thread in some pairs and it takes over 50 minutes to just make one pair of trousers. If you think that a pair of high street jeans takes just 6 minutes to make, you can understand the quality that Blåkläder build in.

  • High quality polyester cotton fabric - They're very comfortable, hardwearing and have great shape retention. You can wash Blåkläder trousers at 70° without fading or shrinkage.

  • Intelligent belt loops - thicker at the rear and thinner towards the front. This gives better weight distribution and better strength when bending or crouching.

  • Useful nail pockets - easy access to contents with either hand and can be tucked into the front pockets for safety if needed. They are also folded over to heavy items push against the tough fabric rather than the seams and cut at a 45° so small items don't become trapped in the corners.

  • Extra lining on pockets - They have Cordura® linings so hammers, tape measures and other tools won't wear through the fabric.

  • Reinforced rule pocket - the bottom corner is left free to move, so when you bend your knees, the rule doesn’t stick into the thigh but moves away instead. This gives greater level of safety and comfort.

  • Clever kneepocket design - Using an extra lining of Cordura® and kneepads are inserted from below to stop grid and dust getting in. They're very secure though because we use a pillowcase design to hold them in place.

  • Other pockets - cleverly designed for that ever shortening pencil, your mobile phone and wallet so you'll know exactly where everything is when you need it.

So great stitching, awesome fabrics, extra linings and a whole range of really useful pockets all wrapped in a lifetime seam guarantee? Well, you can't go wrong with Blåkläder workwear trousers, but if you need a little more proof, then watch this video.

The Blåkläder test labs found that their latest workwear trousers could carry the weight of one car on each leg! Now that's a high-quality product, isn't it?

"So if you're looking to replace your workwear trousers then do think about a new pair from Blåkläder!"

Click here to check them out at the Rugged & Tough website, call us on 01525 211488 to see if we've got your size or visit us in store, just south of the Hockliffe lights on the A5, to try them on for yourself.

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