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At Rugged & Tough, we stock some of the world's best-in-class workwear. In our blog post last week we mentioned Jobman Workwear, so we thought that we would run a feature on them ...

Jobman Workwear is a great Swedish brand that Rugged & Tough are proud to stock!

Jobman Workwear is a great Swedish brand that Rugged & Tough are proud to stock!

Jobman Workwear is manufactured in Sweden. We carry a number of Scandinavian brands both online and instore, not just because we like our Nordic cousins, but because they are world leaders in technical manufacturing of premium clothing, footwear and accessories.

Jobman Workwear has a long pedigree of constructing work garments that dates back over 40 years. They really are the home of functional clothing!

Their products are geared towards professional tradespeople who take pride in their work; who get up every morning, put on their workwear and cheerfully tackle whatever tasks the day brings with skill, ability and professional pride.

Everything they create has to be the most functional, modern and best-value workwear available. Jobman garment technologists and designers have used their tremendous brand loyalty to create fabrics and garments that really are worth fighting for.

Quality is something talked about by all clothing companies, but very few publish their returns rate. Jobman does, and their returns rate is just 0.02% which is a testament to the robustness of their clothing.

Jobman Workwear garments are made from only the finest fabrics and accessories available and are sewn together using the strongest yarns and seam techniques. Fabrics are guaranteed against shrinkage and are always colourfast.

The best possible accessories are selected to optimise the life expectancy of any item of Jobman Workwear; Everything from buttons to zips are of the highest quality and are covered by a lifetime warranty.

"Because only the best is good enough!"

Jobman Workwear has just released a real game changer onto the UK workwear market. They have developed two new fabrics that will forever change the way tradespeople expect workwear to feel and perform.

  • Firstly, Jobman STAR is an ultra-tough, high-tech material that has massively high abrasion-resistance, tear-strength & durability, but is also light and brushed inside for soft, comfort and is quick drying.

  • Secondly, Jobman FastDry is a high-tech material that is lightweight, super-soft, comfortable and quick drying, but also has high abrasion resistance, tear-strength & durability.

It's amazing how water just beads up and runs off Jobman STAR and how quickly, as the name suggests, Jobman FastDry, actually dries.

So do visit Rugged & Tough either instore or online and take a look at the Jobman Workwear range. If you have any questions do give us a call on 01525 211488 and well help you out.

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Many thanks to Luke Burley and Jobman UK for their contribution to this blog post.

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