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Countrywear: Which Brands Are Good, Better And Best?

That depends on what you want to do ...


At Rugged & Tough, we stock some great countrywear brands. We often get asked about the differences, and although we could talk for hours on the subject, we've put our thoughts together ...

We work with a number of leading countrywear brands such as Harkila.

We work with a number of leading countrywear brands such as Harkila.

As with all of the countrywear products we stock, they have to be rugged and tough, but just as importantly, they have to meet our customers' exacting needs.

"What's the point of lots of pricey features if no-one wants them?"

Design and technology play a crucial role in all the countrywear we stock, and the leading manufacturers we work with have spent years and years researching their clothing, ensuring that everything they produce is of the highest quality, using the best materials, and fit for purpose.

We rank our countrywear on a scale of 'good, better and best' and will always advise you of the right one for you when asked:

  • Good - best for light, day-to-day duties

  • Better - will perform consistently well in most situations

  • Best - will always exceed expectations

We don't recognise the modern day 'brand- driven' culture because our products are all 'function-driven' instead.

"So cutting to the chase, which is the best countywear brand?"

Is it Harkila, Seeland, Jack Pyke, Jaghund or X Jagd? Well, that all depends on what you are doing. For example, Harkila is made from the world's best cloth and components, but if you are just walking the dog, do you need an extreme hunting suit with snow tapes? Probably not, although sometimes it's nice to buy best in class.

Remember though, a higher price does not mean one brand is more fit for purpose than a cheaper one. The example we usually give to customers in store is about buying a Rolls-Royce to go to the supermarket in. Sure, it will do the job well, but perhaps it's a little overkill. However, take your Rolls off-roading and you'll see instantly that price does not mean fit for purpose.

"So do talk to us when you need advice as we'd love to help!"

Call us on 01525 211488 or visit us in store, just south of the Hockliffe lights on the A5 near Leighton Buzzard. We'll answer all of your questions and help you find the good, better and best countrywear products that are perfect for you.

Until next time ...


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