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Ever Wanted To Become A Master At What You Do?

A good apprenticeship is worth its weight in gold ...


It's often confusing for youngsters to decide on what to do with their career. They are mostly pushed along an academic route of staying on at school then going to university, but what if it's not the right path for them?

Starting an apprenticeship is the first step to becoming a master!

Starting an apprenticeship is the first step to becoming a master!

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They may not academically inclined. What if the thought of another (possibly) decade of study bores the pants off them? And what if they're good with their hands and are more practical than academic?

"Apprenticeships are the way to go!"

In the UK, an apprentice is there to learn as much as they can from a more experienced person in their field. Regularly graded and tested, they study for a certificate which gives them proof they have qualified in their chosen trade.

Apprenticeships are usually 1-5 years long, and the apprentice gets real pay, sickness and holiday benefits just like any full-time employee does. They also spend at least one day a week at college studying to reinforce the skills they learn with just a little academic study.

An apprentice gets paid £3.50 per hour in the first year (regardless of age) then it can rise from between £4.05 (under 18s) to £7.05 (over 21s). Those apprentices over 25 are paid the National Living Wage after the first year.

Apprenticeships can be completed to a range of levels, with 2 being equivalent to a GCSE and 7 having an equivalence to a Batchelor's Degree. Obviously, the higher the achievement, the more money a newly qualified apprentice can earn.

"And then comes the Journeyman!"

So the apprenticeship has been completed, all tasks and projects done and the apprentice has all the right qualifications for their chosen trade. They've now become a journeyman, someone who can be trusted to complete any jobs assigned to them unsupervised. They will spend many years building on their experiences either working in their own small business or for someone else at a larger company.

Further study can be had at this stage, so if someone finished their apprenticeship with a level 5 (equivalent to a foundation degree), they might wish to continue studying as they earn to raise their qualification level and be eligible for higher pay.

Many bigger organisations will allow a journeyman to continue paid-for study as they work because it not only benefits the journeyman, but the company as well so they see it as a good investment.

"How to become a Master!"

A master is someone who is highly skilled in their chosen field with a number of years experience under their belt. They have become members of a guild such as The Guild Of Master Craftsmen and have been vetted and interviewed by the guild to prove they are good enough to join.

Many journeymen don't apply to join a guild as they're happy with their career and the level of income they make, but it does certainly make sense to think about it. Guilds usually have their own logos and branding that a master can use and benefit from the guild's own marketing efforts.

In addition, once accepted into the guild (and no, it's not guaranteed), the master can ask for far higher payment in return for their skills and experiences and will find that they're in great demand for their services now they've reached this high status.

"So how does a youngster get started?"

Many organisations work with local colleges to take on apprentices, and it all depends on what the youngster wants to do, in what industry and where in the country. They could end up as an electrician working on new submarines, or they could be lathe operators, mechanics, chefs or hairdressers. The range of available apprenticeships is huge!

Apprenticeships are advertised by many companies though a good place to start looking would be on the UK Government's Education and Training website where it's very easy to search for an apprenticeship anywhere in the country.

And remember, apprentices are paid to learn. If a youngster wanted to go to University, then they'll be looking at paying over £9,000 tuition fees per year as well as paying for their own accommodation, food, travel, books, entertainment ... well, it certainly adds up to quite a sizable debt.

"A good apprenticeship is worth its weight in gold, especially in specialist industries!"

Do they need some great workwear for the first day of their apprenticeship? Rugged & Tough would love to help. You can call, click or come in and see us, just south of the Hockliffe lights on the A5 Watling Street. Tell us what industry they're starting in and we can kit them out accordingly.

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