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How To Layer Your Clothing This Winter

The temperature is dropping ...


Winter is fast approaching and working outdoors means having to add layers to your clothing. Whether you're tromping around a muddy field or out and about on a job site, the different layers need to work together to keep you warm and dry ...

If you're wondering how to layer your clothing this winter, come and talk to us at Rugged & Tough!

If you're wondering how to layer your clothing this winter, come and talk to us at Rugged & Tough!

At Rugged & Tough, we stock a range of quality clothing from some of the leading workwear and countrywear manufacturers around the world. Although tromping around in the countryside may seem to be a world away from a muddy building site, the theme of layering remains the same.

Here's how to dress for cold weather:

  1. Layer 1 - Underwear/Transport

    You need a set of good underwear to transport moisture away from your body. Not just a pair of fleecy boxer shorts, think more of a full-on, long-sleeved, neck-to-ankle outfit made of lightweight materials. Combine that with a good pair of thermal socks and you're well on your way to staying warm.

  2. Layer 2 - Middlewear/Insulation

    The second layer of clothing will insulate you against the cold and continue the movement of moisture from your body toward the outer layers of clothing, without allowing the cold in. Here's where the staple fleece comes into play – especially if you're working outdoors – more modern fleeces will be thinner yet still give the same level of insulation.

  3. Layer 3 - Outerwear/Protection

    This is the layer that protects you from the outside world and keeps your body warmth in, whether you're on a building site all day, chopping down trees in a forest, or in and out of your lorry. From stout insulated boots to knitted hats, gloves and waterproof jackets and pants, get your 'shell' right and you'll be comfortable whatever the British weather throws at you.

Of course, different types of task will require different types of material. There are many fabrics out there with a range of thicknesses and uses. From Fleece and Down to Polyester, Polypropylene and Polyamide, different combinations can work together to keep you warm and dry.

And, of course, different fits and flexibility work in different ways too:

  • A bricklayer will be twisting around all day picking up bricks and cementing them in place. A shorter jacket would be more sensible here.

  • A gamekeeper will be striding across fields and through forests, so loose fitting britches and stout boots are ideal.

  • A roofer will be in their safety harness most of the day so warm, thin, flexible and waterproof is what's needed.

  • A farmer may be in and out of a tractor cab, so short, flexible, easily removable layers are perfect.

  • A site foreman does a lot of walking around the work site, but isn't performing strenuous tasks so a longer, more waterproof hi-viz jacket would be best.

There's a lot to think about, isn't there?

So if you're looking to renew your workwear or countrywear or want to kit yourself out for a new job then come and talk to the experts at our new store in Milton Keynes. We've got changing rooms, toilets and even a coffee machine so you can take your time and ask us any questions you'd like while trying on your gear.

"Rugged & Tough is a total philosophy of the quality and fit for all the workwear and countrywear we stock!"

Either click through to our website now, call us on 01525 211488 or drop into our new store in Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes. We'd love to help you layer your clothing this winter.

Until next time ...


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