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How To Reproof And Look After Your Outdoor Gear

Keeping you warm and dry for years ...


With the weather in the UK turning cold and damp again, and with Autumn starting next month, we thought we'd publish some tips about keeping your outdoor gear in the best possible condition ...

Keep your outdoor gear in the best possible condition and it will last you for years!

Keep your outdoor gear in the best possible condition and it will last you for years!

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No-one wants to be stuck outside in a downpour only to find that their waterproof clothing isn’t quite as impervious as they remembered. That can make for a pretty damp, uncomfortable and miserable adventure in the great outdoors.

"But buy the right kit and look after it, and it'll last for years and years!"

Let's start with your boots. Cold, wet feet are awful so to keep your boots in tip-top condition, thoroughly dry them after each use and remove dust and dirt from both the uppers and the soles. Moisture and mud damage the material and can lead to leaks that nobody wants.

Leather boots should be regularly treated with a good wax polish which keeps the material soft and subtle. If your leather boots are damp and muddy, remove the insoles, and then let them all dry off a bit in an airy space, brush off the mud as it dries and use a 'trickle boot warmer' to very slowly reduce the moisture in the leather.

Don’t put them near a high heat source, as this will over dry the leather and it will crack. Once fully dry, use loads of Mink Oil to replenish the washed out & lost oils in the leather, leave to soak in for a few hours and wipe off the excess. If there is no excess, repeat the oiling and then leave to soak in, then remove the excess. Leather will take up quite a lot of oil before it stops soaking in.

"When it comes to waterproof clothing, the process of re-proofing is a little more indepth than it is for footwear!"

It shouldn’t be required quite as often though, particularly if you invest in good quality waterproof clothing in the first place. The Ramblers Association website has some useful articles about reproofing your waterproof kit.

Here are a few tips to waterproof your outdoor clothing:

  • When thinking about reproofing your outdoor clothing, find out what waterproofing was used in its original construction. Different materials will need a reproofer specifically for them and using the wrong one could damage your gear.

  • If you want to wash waterproof clothing, only use liquid detergent such as a TechWash by Nikwax. Never use biological powders or any with built in conditioners and it's best to use a handwash setting with low heat and limited spin.

  • If you have some clothing that isn't waterproof in the first place, there are various products you can wash into the garment. Again, use the right product for the right fabric, and if you do it in a washing machine, you'll have the benefit of the proofing getting into both sides of the cloth at the same time.

We hope that the information above helps you to stay dry as we move towards Autumn and we'd love to help if you have any questions about the right proofer for your outdoor kit.

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If you're local to our store, we can reproof machine washable jackets, trousers and other items.


We cannot reproof wax garments unfortunately

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