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Layer Your Winter Clothing And Stay Warm Outside

Good advice from Sweden ...


Ah, Winter. It may be beautiful to look at, but it can be deadly if you're not wearing the right clothing. Thankfully, at Rugged & Tough, we have some great winter clothing options that can keep you warm ...

Whatever you're doing outdoors, Blåkläder have some great winter clothing options!

Whatever you're doing outdoors, Blåkläder have some great winter clothing options!

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One of our major clothing lines is from Blåkläder which is based in Sweden. They have produced some really informative videos on the subject, which we hve included below. As you can imagine, it gets very cold and very dark for many months of the year in Sweden, and it makes our British climate look quite temperate at times.

"The Swedes certainly know how to
dress to keep warm!"

Whatever country you're in, when you're outdoors, the principles of layering to keep warm remain the same; even more so if you're working outdoors for extended periods of time.

Here's how to dress for cold weather:

  1. Layer 1 - Underwear/Transport

    You need a set of good underwear to transport moisture away from your body. Not just a pair of fleecy boxer shorts, think more of a full-on, long-sleeved, neck-to-ankle outfit made of lightweight materials. Combine that with a good pair of thermal socks and you're well on your way to staying warm.

  2. Layer 2 - Middlewear/Insulation

    The second layer of clothing will insulate you against the cold and continue the movement of moisture from your body toward the outer layers of clothing, without allowing the cold in. Here's where the staple fleece comes into play – especially if you're working outdoors – more modern fleeces will be thinner yet still give the same level of insulation.

  3. Layer 3 - Outerwear/Protection

    This is the layer that protects you from the outside world and keeps your body warmth in, whether you're on a building site all day, chopping down trees in a forest, or in and out of your tow-truck. From stout insulated boots to knitted hats, gloves and waterproof jackets and pants, get your 'shell' right and you'll be comfortable whatever the British weather throws at you.

It's definitely layers that are the foundation of keeping warm outdoors. I remember my time working in New York and good full-body underwear was the best recommendation my co-workers could make.

But don't forget, your middlewear insulation layer needs to keep the body heat in (and the cold out) and, just as importantly, your outerwear shell needs to keep you dry and protected from whatever the weather throws at you.

"Blåkläder can help you with
all of your layers!"

They've created a range of super-thin, super-insulated and super-protective clothing that will keep you warm for extended periods whether you're on a building site, chopping down trees in a forest, or in and out of your vehicle all day and all night.

Check out the videos below that offers the best winter clothing for weather ranging from 0° C (typically British winter temperatures) all the way down to -20° C (which is more normal for Sweden).

And you can get whatever winter clothing you need directly from Rugged & Tough! Either click through to our website now and look at the entire Blåkläder range, call us on 0333 335 0423 or drop into our store just south of the Hockliffe lights on the A5 near Leighton Buzzard.

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