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Men's Health: Alcohol And Drug Awareness At Work

What goes up, must come down ...


For decades, drink and drugs have played a major part of a great night out for revellers. For some, they have a great time, and for others, it can turn into a complete nightmare ...

Working while under the influence is dangerous for both yourself and those around you!

Working while under the influence is dangerous for both yourself and those around you!

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We all go out and have a few beers; nothing wrong with that, but add in a few shots and a drop of the hard stuff and you're looking at a massive hangover in the morning. You wake up with a pounding headache and feeling sick, wondering if you were on your best behaviour the night before.

"And how's you memory? Can you even remember what happened?"

A lot of people, especially since the advent of the rave scene, go one step beyond. From a spliff to pills, or even something a little bit snorty, we use drugs to highten our enjoyment of the evening, even though we know we'll feel a lot worse than if we just had a few drinks.

Remember, what goes up must come down. The more we consume the night before, the worse we're going to feel the next day and the slower our recovery will be before we start to feel our usual selves.

And don't even mention the dangers. The more we drink, the less our inhibitions and the easier it is for us to do and say things we wouldn't normally. And what about those pills you just bought from that bloke in the loo? Do you know what you just swallowed? Was that white powder really what you thought it was? And how strong was that baggie you just bought? How much do you need to put in when you spiff up with your mates?

What about prescription drugs? Well, mixing someone else's bottle of pills with alcohol is hugely dangerous. They're designed to treat an illness and you have no idea how magnified the effects of both will become when you mix them.

Countless friendships have been broken, relationships ended and lives destroyed because of alcohol and drugs. We've all seen programmes like 24-hours in A&E packed with the drunk and bleeding, heck, we may even recognise ourselves on there.

"So why would Rugged & Tough be blogging about a subject as broad-ranging as alcohol and drug misuse?

Because we want to promote the awareness of the damage they can do, especially at work. We've all seen colleagues come on site the next day feeling worse for wear. How many times have you done that yourself, or partied so hard on Saturday night that you have to call in sick on Monday?

It may be a bit of a laugh in an office where the most dangerous equipment we use is a stapler, but on the building site, in the factory or on the road, using heavy machinery, electrical (and very sharp) tools, or 30-tonne trucks, it really can become a matter of life and death for us and those around us.

And remember that most employee contracts have alcohol and drug misuse statements in them so when the night before creeps into work time, your job could be seriously at risk as you are in breach of contract. Your liberty could be at risk as well due to an accident at work, being 'under the influence' or because of possession of something illegal.

Further reading if you're interested in finding out more:

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But we know we can't just wag a finger and tell you not to do something, because that never works. The only person who is going to decide to turn down that last pint or not pop that unknown pill our mate offers us is ourself, right?

"So please be aware of what you're consuming and in what quantities!"

And do think about the after effects the next day and beyond, for both yourself and those around you. If you're at all worried about overdoing it, then do some research online or talk to your GP who is always happy to help.

Until next time ...


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