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Murray Kruger: Pride In My Name And Pride In What I Do

A guest post from one of our international customers ...


My name is Murray Kruger and I come from a family that takes pride in their name. We were chased out of Russia because of our religious beliefs and the stories I heard from my grandfather about the old country gives me satisfaction in everything I do ...

Taking pride in what you do is important and the right clothes will help you feel great too!

Taking pride in what you do is important and the right clothes will help you feel great too!

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That's one of my secrets, using our last name for our company name puts a big target on our back, but that's not the only thing that keeps me motivated.

Being able to work with my wife, who is also my best friend, makes the days so much more enjoyable. Yes, we get asked how the hell we can work together every single day, but for us it's easy; we are a great team and have each other's backs.

"Sure it's not always smooth sailing but we always come to an agreement and carry on!"

Tools are a big deal for me. I keep my tools pristine and maintain them regularly. They are also part of my team and they make going to work exciting. When I quote for a new job, I regularly think "Oh! I can use this particular tool for this job and it will be a breeze!" The way tools are developing is very exciting!

Though it's not only the tools that make the day enjoyable, but the gear that you have on your body. You do need to look the part as wearing sweat pants may be comfortable, but you won't look professional.

With the proper work gear you can look good and feel good at the same time. From the way people look at you to the comfort you feel can make a big difference.

Flexible, breathable and functional clothing can go a long way for making your day happier, which usually leads to a more productive day, which will end up being a more profitable day.

I discovered Blaklader workwear around 5 years ago. I still have the first pair of workwear trousers that I bought, and they are still in good working order too. Ok, they are beaten up pretty good, but I still wear them on occasion. Yes, they cost more than jeans or sweatpant, but quality always costs more, doesn't it?

"Not only do they last longer, but they have features you won't find in many other brands!"

If you take pride in your work you should take pride in your tools. The gear you wear is as important as your tools, as they help you with your daily tasks to get the job done to the best of your capabilities.

And you can't go far wrong with Blaklader workwear, especially when you buy from Rugged & Tough!

Until next time ...



Kruger Construction is an international Rugged & Tough customer. The company was established in 2012, and they are a family owned and operated business based in Dalmeny, Saskatchewan, Canada.

They serve the greater Saskatoon area, specialising in insurance restoration work, as well as residential and commercial renovations.


Visit them at: http://www.krugerconstruction.net.

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