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Product Spotlight: Harkila Pro Hunter GoreTex Boots

A hardwearing, low cut leather boot ...


Expectations are high for any Harkila product, and the Harkila Pro Hunter GoreTex Boots won't leave you disappointed. They are a Sandy-Beige colour, but if you mink oil them, they will drop to a darker brown ...

The Harkila Pro Hunter GoreTex Boots are the ultimate boot for the discerning hunter!

The Harkila Pro Hunter GoreTex Boots are the ultimate boot for the discerning hunter!

Harkila Boots are exact fitting, so if your not sure about which size, we would recommend you up 1/2 a size. This won't make a huge difference to comfort and will allow for thicker socks in winter.

"If you feel they're a bit loose in summer, put an insole into the boot when wearing a lighter weight sock!"

The tough suede upper has a one piece front, and the rubber rand is welded to the leather, rather than stitched. We would expect that this might lift a little around the edges, but will never impact performance.

Suede is great material because it helps resist scuff marks that you get in naturally tanned leather. The rand helps protect the sides of the boot from abrasion when walking on rough terrain.

The Lacing system uses both hinged metal eyelets and hooks at the top of the boot. The hooks allow for a full lace-up for rugged terrain and for flat walking you can just lace to the 2nd or 3rd hook down, giving more ankle flexibility. The laces are tough and are stocked by us when they finally go.

Using a GoreTex membrane, these boots are totally waterproof and breathable. A Gore-tex lining makes the boots extremely comfortable to wear and this virtually guarantees no blisters, rubs, sore patches. The Inner Collar is vented with holes to ensure maximum breathability

The insole is the Harkila Ortholite insole, which is 100% breathable with Gel mouldings at both the heel and toes joint areas. Take the insoles out when you are not wearing them to let any moisture build up evaporate naturally.

After wearing these constantly for 8 hours a day for 10 days, we deliberately left the insoles in to see how much moisture has accumulated inside the boots. We had expected the boots to be much wetter inside, but only a small amount of condensation was visible on the gel areas and this quickly dried off. GoreTex certify all products using their waterproofing systems, and these passed with flying colours.

A leather pivot insert at the back of the boot allows freedom of movement when either climbing or descending, which in turn gives more stability to the wearer. The additional benefit of the Vibram Fire and Ice Sole helps give traction in both winter and summer.

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The Harkila Pro Hunter GoreTex Boots are the ultimate boot for the discerning hunter, who want only the best materials, plenty of comfort and the best protection. Click here to visit our website to order, call us on 01525 211488 to learn more or come on in and see us just south of the Hockliffe lights on the A5 Watling Street.

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No matter how much or little you pay for a pair of leather boots, cleaning and maintenance will make them last far longer than if left unloved. Use Mink Oil to feed the leather, especially if you are going to get them very wet on a regular basis.

Leather dries out, cracks and flakes if not fed. Don't leave the boots by high heat or in the sun to dry, allow cool to warmish slow drying. Take the insoles out and prop them up inside the boot to allow any moisture build up to evaporate.

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