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Rugged & Tough: We're Too Poor To Buy Cheap Clothing

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Years ago, I was working in New York in January. The wind was whipping up the snow and the wind chill was at -26. The British clothing I was wearing could not stand up to the American weather ...

At Rugged & Tough we have tried and tested almost everything we sell!

At Rugged & Tough we have tried and tested almost everything we sell!

After struggling along for a few days with typical British reserve, I finally caved into the laughter and ribbing of my properly dressed (and warm) American co-workers and was recommended to a nearby store called Dave's Of New York.

"Walking in the door was an epiphany of warmth!"

I was greeted with the welcome sight of tough blanket lined denim jeans, heavy cotton fleece lined jackets and clothing made to last. Everything was built for a function and designed to endure the worst weather a North American winter could throw at it. Carhartt Workwear was a welcome discovery.

A few years later, after becoming a regular at US country stores such as Cabelas and Basspro where functionality and fit for purpose came as standard, I felt that there would be a great demand for it on this side of the pond.

After all, here in the UK, we have little choice except to layer up old streetwear clothing to wear for work or we have a uniform of again fairly questionable quality. We urgently needed someone to offer the same level of workwear products that our American cousins have enjoyed for years.

"And so I created Rugged & Tough
back in 2007!"

The first task as to establish that we weren't just a name. Rugged & Tough is a total philosophy of the quality and fit of the products we stocked. Over the years we have tried and tested almost everything we sell, and if we haven't, our customers have, and highly recommend them.

Once we had established the workwear side of the business, we added in the countrywear products. Again, high quality and long lasting is what our customers demand and that's what we stock.

From boots and belts to jumpers, jackets and trousers, we stock everything that the country community needs to both live and work in the great outdoors. We offer brands such as Seeland, Stetson and Jack Pyke and we always value the feedback from our customers to ensure the quality of the countrywear is up to standard.

Harkila Forester Wellingtons 17" Zip 5Mm H-Vent Dark Olive 5

£176.99 inc VAT

Blaklader Craftsman Trouser Dark Olive Green /Black Size:36S ; Colour:Dark olive green /black

£111.50 inc VAT

Blaklader Trousers Craftsman X1500 Navy Blue/Black Size:34R ; Colour:Navy blue/Black

£86.99 inc VAT

Rugged & Tough operate both retail and online. Alongside our new blog, we have a great website where you can browse our products and order using a variety of payment methods. If you fancy a trip to Leighton Buzzard, our in-store team are available 7 days a week, so you can come in and get the clothing you need, ensure it fits and take it home immediately. We also take telephone orders.

Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be featuring our products right here on this blog as well as talking about other issues that affect our workwear and countrywear users. We know you'll find everything really interesting and recommend you join our mailing list so we can keep in touch with you.

"If it's not rugged & tough, we just
won't stock it!"

It's all been tried and tested and we know that our clothing range is going to last you for years. After all, we're too poor to buy cheap clothing, aren't we?

Until next time ...



Visit our website at www.ruggedtough.com, visit us in store on the A5 just south of the Hockliffe lights or call us on 01525 211488 to talk to one of our in-store team.

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We stock the very best mens work and country clothing and kit. We use and wear the clothing we sell. We pride ourselves on our advice and support. We sell offline in-store and online Free UK delivery and returns. ''.... if it's not rugged & tough, we just won't stock it, in the store or online!''


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Seeland Marsh Jacket Shaded Olive 41"

Your Special Price: £178.99 inc VAT

Blaklader Trousers Craftsman X1500 Navy Blue/Black Size:33L ; Colour:Navy blue/Black

Your Special Price: £86.99 inc VAT

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