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Shoot Etiquette And The Glorious 12th

Looking the part and having a great day ...


The Glorious 12th is nearly upon us and for game enthusiasts, that means the first day of the grouse season. Whilst shooting isn't for everyone, it has a huge impact on the lives of many who live and work in the countryside ...

The Glorious 12th is nearly upon us. Are you ready for the shoot?

The Glorious 12th is nearly upon us. Are you ready for the shoot?

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You'd be very surprised how many thousands of people are employed, both directly and indirectly with seasonal shooting. There's the raising of grouse and the organising of shoots, then there are secondary services such as clothing retail, shooting equipment, hospitality, vehicle servicing and rentals ... well, the list goes on and on.

And let's not forget the country butchers ensuring a plentiful supply of game for the home, restaurants and hotels up and down the land.

"So have you been invited to
a shoot this season?"

If it’s your first shoot, or it's been some time since you last attended one, you may be feeling little out of touch with shoot etiquette. If you want to be invited back and don't want to commit a faux pas such as looking like Rambo or maiming another guest, then take a look at our handy hints:

Dress Code

  • It is far more acceptable to wear a uniform colour such as dark green or brown. Camouflage and coloured face paints are not recommended on a shoot.

  • A shirt and tie are also recommended, again self-coloured or Tattersall check are popular choices, along with a muted tie in a single, uniform colour. You may find a tie-pin useful to prevent your tie becoming an annoying distraction.

  • When it comes to leg-attire, either Breeks with brightly patterned top shooting socks or a plain heavy gauge knit, as long as they follow the same self-coloured or tweed colour code mentioned above!

  • As for footwear, we would strongly recommend checking both the weather forecast and asking about the terrain you will be expected to cover before deciding whether to wear sturdy and utilitarian shoes, boots or wellies on the day.

Whatever you choose to go with, you’re going to have to stick with it all day! If you’ve chosen summer clothing and lightweight shoes and you're in torrential rain, standing in a bog, you’re just going to have to grin and bear it, as no-one is going to invite back someone who moans all day!

Shoot Safety

  • Both common sense and sportsmanship are required to ensure a safe shoot. Be aware of who is around you at all times and which directions people are shooting in. Stay on the firing line, don't grab someone else's shot and don't get in the way.

  • If it's your first time, your host can provide you with guns and a guide/loader to look after you for the day who will take you through the do's and don'ts. Listen to them and learn all you can!

  • If you have your own guns, do bring them along. Make sure they're cleaned, oiled and well serviced so you're ready to go.

  • The host will brief you on the shoot rules at the start of the day. Again, listen and remember.

  • At either elevenses or lunch (depending on the schedule for the day) know your alcohol limits. No one wants to see you drunk and remember it's illegal to be in charge of firearms when intoxicated.

  • If you're gun breach is open point it at the ground, if your gun breach is closed, point it at the sky. Don't wave it around and certainly remember not to point it at anyone (whether loaded or unloaded). And never point it at the undergrowth as there may be a beater or a retrieval dog in there.

  • Remember, a hot gun can sometimes go off on its own, so be sensible and pace yourself throughout the day.

Certainly, looking the part and following the shoot etiquette will make for a very enjoyable day. Don't forget to reply promptly to your host's invitation, maybe take a small gift for them (a bottle of sloe gin or port to share will always go down well) and tip your guide and beaters at the end of the day.

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