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Top Tips For A Great Customer Experience

It's all about communication ...


There's a lot of talk about offering a great customer experience and research shows that those who exceed expectations find themselves inundated with work. So how does someone in the trades stand out from the crowd?

The key to a great customer experience is always communication with the customer!

The key to a great customer experience is always communication with the customer!

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Whether you're a building contractor with your own crew or an individual offering a particular trade, the first thing to remember is communication, communication, communication!

"Customers like to know
what's going on!"

And that communication starts from the moment they get in touch with you. Whether you have a website, someone gave them your number or they found you on one of those trades comparison websites, giving them all the specific information they need to make a decision to hire you means they immediately have confidence in you.

Be prepared to talk about jobs you've done for others, especially if they can talk to your customers and find out the quality of your work. Another advantage of having your own website is that you can put up pictures of previous jobs and words of praise from your customers.

If they want you to come and see the job then turn up when you say your going to, and offer to quote them immediately if you can. Sometimes you'll need to price up materials and get back to them, but if it's very similar to something you've done before, a reasonably accurate 'ball park' figure could get them to agree to you doing the work while you're still there.

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And if you are going to get back to them with a formal quote, tell them when you'll send it, how you'll get it to them then ensure you do the quote in the timescale you said you would. If you want a deposit to purchase materials, ensure you include that on the quote and remember you may need some formal terms and conditions if the job is quite complicated or is going to take a lot of time.

It's also vital to manage expectations with your customer. 10% of any job isn't going to be plain sailing so let them know any issues you may think will happen beforehand, and if they do occur, keep them informed about how and when you'll resolve it.

Never over promise and under deliver as this can be a disaster when it comes to keeping your customer happy. If you know a job is going to take two weeks, tell them it'll take two weeks. If you say it'll only take one and it takes longer, your customer isn't going to be at all happy, especially if you bill them extra for the time.

"Always plan the stages with your customers too!"

A building contractor will be well versed with project management, but for individual trades, there may be different stages to complete a few days apart. Ensure your customer knows when each stage will be done and again, do it when you say you would, in the timescale you quoted.

And finally, snagging is normal so let your customer know that if there are small things they're not entirely happy with once the main job is completed, you'll come back and fix the snags as part of the overall job.

Once you complete the job, from quotation to billing, as long as you have met (or even surpassed) the customer's expectations, you can be sure they'll tell everyone they know how good you are!

Remember to ask for a testimonial you can use with future customers, and if the customer is ok with it, take a range of before, during and after photographs to use on your website to or keep on your phone to show others how good you are at what you do.

"And if there's one final bit of advice we can offer you today, it's to look professional!"

Keep your workwear clean, choose the right gear for the right job and get your logo on your kit so that the customer can see you mean business.

Rugged & Tough can help you with all that. Call us on 01525 211488, click to visit us at our website or call in and see us just south of the Hockliffe lights on the A5 Watling Street.

We'd love to help you.

Until next time ...


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