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Why Successful Companies Spend to Save on Workwear

Do you subscribe to a false economy?


It's a common misconception that cheap is always good. When it comes to workwear, especially for a larger workforce, it doesn't make sense to think that quantity wins out over quality ...

Looking for quality workwear? We recommend clothing from Jobman, a great Swedish brand!

Looking for quality workwear? We recommend clothing from Jobman, a great Swedish brand!

Ask companies such as Skanska and Scottish Power who have hundreds of employees working outdoors most of the time. The answer they give you is that purely from a cost perspective, buying quality workwear that's fit for purpose saves money in the long run.

"Buying cheap workwear is a
false economy!"

It's a false economy because you will need to replace your cheap workwear more often and the cost will be higher compared with quality garments.

Cheap workwear doesn't keep its colour as well, tears and stains more easily and is usually mass produced from low-quality fabrics in a smaller range of sizes. Trimmings, fasteners, zips and studs will always fail first.

So what's the alternative? Purchase high-quality, certified 'fit for purpose' products instead! Workwear that has been manufactured from quality cloth, cut to the requirements of the garment and with a proper warranty that covers defects.

"So try something that is
rugged and tough!"

Everything we stock has been tested by us. We know the quality of our workwear brands, we've seen their manufacturing processes and we've got many satisfied clients who can attest to the durability of the clothing they've purchased from us.

We recommend Jobman Workwear as it's constructed to last for years! From head to toe, you can be sure that all seams are well stitched, fasteners and zips are of the highest quality and the materials used are colourfast and abrasion resistant.

Visit us in-store just south of the Hockliffe lights on the A5, call us on 0333 335 0423 or take a look at our high-quality workwear brands at our website. We look forward to helping you.

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Don't forget, we offer an in-house branding service and with some great 'Bundle Deals' starting from £89.99 inc VAT, there is no need not to look great with great quality clothing. Just ask in store!

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